Taxi Union Mainz

Order options

A wide variety of options

Callcenter-Agent erhält eine Nachricht

Your options for a taxi order

24 / 7 Phone Service

Our friendly service personnel is available around the clock to take your order.


We gladly accept your orders via e-mail. You recieve your confirmation as soon as possible.


Send your location to our WhatsApp Chat-Bot and a taxi will be right on it's way!

qr-code to order a taxi via WhatsApp
Scan the QR Code with your phone to try it!

Order Online

Use our online platform by determining your location or entering your pick-up adress.

Ein QR-Code, um zu zu gelangen
Scan the QR Code with your phone to try it!

The Taxi­klingel

A taxi is on it's way at the push of a button! Suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants and many more.

Taxi via QR-Code

Your guests or customers scan your individually developed QR Code to order comfortably to your location!


Business customers gain access to a special phone number to order a taxi to your location without a waiting line.


You can generate and manage your orders yourself using your comapny's personal Webbooking-Portal.